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the historic Roscoe Village canal boat ride


Tourism is an integral and driving component of the Coshocton County economy, sustaining 1 in every 12 of salaried jobs. Visitors to Coshocton County generated business sales of over $42 million, directly and indirectly, in 2009. Tourism is a diverse composite of economic activities, including transportation, recreation, retail, lodging and food & beverage sectors. In addition to direct tourism industries, the manufacturing sector and business services sectors are important tourism beneficiaries as suppliers.

In 2009 & 2010, Coshocton was named “one of the top 100 towns to visit” by Midwest Living Magazine.

The local tourism industry generated $5.7 million in taxes and fees in 2009: $2.8 million in federal taxes, $1.7 million in state taxes and 1.1 million in local taxes.

*Statistics provided by the Ohio Department of Development, Office of Travel & Tourism.



Hunters and wildlife enthusiasts know that Coshocton county regularly leads the state in attracting white tail deer hunters seeking their fortunes at bagging their ‘trophy buck.’ For all seasons – bow, gun and muzzle-loader - Coshocton consistently ranks in the top three spots and often takes the lead for deer kills for all seasons.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife estimates that thousands of non-native hunters descend on our county each hunting season, with close to 50% traveling in excess of 230 miles to hunt in Coshocton, bringing their disposable income with them to invest in local food, lodging and other service businesses.

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