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Pomerene Center for the Artspomerene center for the arts
317 Mulberry Street
Coshocton, OH  43812
(740) 622-0326
Founded in 1985 to promote community involvement in the arts, the Pomerene Center is a community-oriented and community-supported agency, whose goals are to sustain, maintain and encourage art in all its forms throughout the community.  

Pomerene Center offers an on-site exhibit area and provides a local setting for art classes and a home base for Coshocton Art Guild meetings.  The center also sponsors monthly Rent Party venues for musical guests  during the winter months and a performing arts attraction during First Friday celebrations each month in the summer.  Pomerene Center for the Arts also sponsors the annual Chocolate Extravaganza each Valentine’s Day, and hosts the annual Dogwood Festival each spring.

Johnson-Humrickhouse Museumjohnson humrickhouse museum
300 N. Whitewoman Street
Coshocton, OH  43812
(740) 622-8710

Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum (JHM) was founded by a bequest to the city of Coshocton from two brothers, John and David Johnson, world travelers and collectors who planned the museum throughout their lives as a memorial to their parents, Joseph and Mary Susan (Humrickhouse) Johnson.  The brothers were born in Coshocton, but traveled throughout the world collecting art and artifacts, most of which were stored and exhibited at the Ferry Museum in Tacoma, Washington.  

Upon their deaths, the city of Coshocton was notified of its inheritance and began preparations to house the tremendous collection of more than 15,000 treasures in a museum of its own.

Through the efforts of two civic leaders at the time - William H. Bachert and Warner Pomerene, the 75-year old Sycamore School building was selected as the museum’s original site.  In 1931, the contents of the Johnson brother’s art estate were transferred to the museum’s new home in Coshocton.  

In 1973 the museum received full National Accreditation by the prestigious American Association of Museums.  This coveted status is the highest recognition a nuseum can receive.  In 1985, JHM was again awarded acreditation in its present site in Historic Roscoe Village, to which it was relocated in 1979, when it outgrew its Sycamore Street location.

It was through a combined effort of local fundraising and generous grants from both the Economic Develoopment Administration and the Montgomery and Coshocton Foundations, the JHM enjoys its present site in historic Roscoe VillageMuseum.

Today, visitors can view an extensive collection of native American artifacts, an early American collection and one of the most impressive collections of exotic oriental artifacts, in addition to an eclectic collection of both 19th and 20th century American and European decorative art treasrues.  Special traveling exhibits are changed approximately five times per year and include national and regional exhibits of many varieties.

Roscoe Villiage Living History Museum / Tourroscoe village
Whitewoman Street
Coshocton, OH  43812
(740) 622-9310

Historic Roscoe Village is a living history community that offers visitors a unique treat.  Experience life in an 1800’s canal town through costumed interpreters, traditional craft demonstrations, unique exhibits and more.

While strolling through the restored 19th century living history buildings you may see actual artisans at work, including a blacksmith and a cooper; sit in on a re-enactment of an 1800s school lesson; meet our village doctor and visit his home; view a full-scale canal boat replica; or visit the immaculately-groomed gardens boasting an array of seasonal color.

During our regular touring season, these artisans may be joined by a weaver, a printer and a broom-maker.  Enjoy a hands-on experience with activities such as ink stamp printing, rope-making, candle-dipping, tin-punching or weaving.  Smell the aroma of fresh abble butter simmering over an open fire during one of our exciting festivals, with lots of good food and great entertainment.

Roscoe Village is also home to an eclectic blend of shops, living history museum, restaurants and private homes, all accentted by brick sidewalks and beautifully-landscaped gardens.  Come and stroll our quaint streets for a memorable visit.  For more information, visit www.roscoevillage.com.

Footlight Players / Triple Lock Theatertriple locks theater
N. Whitewoman Street
P. O. Box 3
Coshocton, OH  43812

Begun in 1948, Coshocton Footlight Players have been delighting audiences with dramatic and musical productions in the lovely Triple Locks Theater in historic Roscoe Village.  The mission of Coshocton Footlight Players is to bring quality theater arts and educational opportunities to the Coshocton and surrounding communities for the benefit of the audience and volunteers.  

CoshoctonFootlight Players typically offer four performances plus a children’s production each summer, during their regular season.  Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased at the box office on the night of the performance or purchased electronically in advance of the performance on their website.  Season tickets are $30 each and can be used individually for the each the Players’ four regular-season performances or in combination for one or more performances. 

Coshocton Airport Amphitheaterairport amphitheater
24632 Airport Road
Coshocton, OH  43812

Arts and aviation might seem odd partners, but Coshocton, Ohio, has found a winning relationship. A grassroots movement, sparked by a Richard Downing Airport Administrator and the Coshocton County Arts & Culture Alliance, has taken flight in the form of the Coshocton Airport Amphitheater Project.

Born from an exploratory committee's visitation to a similar facility near Logan, WV, the idea of utilizing three acres of reclaimed airport land, that formed a natural amphitheater, soon grew toward fruition.  Key community leaders formed a Board of Trustees, created an organizational structure, established fundraising efforts and secured non-profit status.  Architectural plans were completed and building began.  

In 2010, the amphitheater slated their first series of summer performances and today, this visionary project benefits the community and has expanded cultural offerings in Coshocton County.

why Coshocton

Documenting the Landscape, Views of Coshocton County Ohio from the farmers’ Point of View

Starting in late summer of 2012 Nashville, Tennessee artist Megan Lightell returned to her home county of Coshocton Ohio to document the landscape.


Hours were speant visiting with farmers, driving over hills in pickup trucks to secret places that most people never see. “For this project, I wanted to ask for another point of view; for the farmer’s favorite spot on the land, their favorite time of year, favorite time of day. I wanted to see the landscape through their eyes, and afterward for them to see it through mine.”


A year and some months later, DOCUMENTING THE LANDSCAPE, 11 views (13 oil paintings) opened at the Pomerene Center for the Arts. This is a beautiful exhibit looked at the Coshocton Landscape through the eyes of those who most shape it, farmers and landowners.


why Coshocton

Pop-up parks: rooting for the community

Specialty Fabrics Review | September 2013

Coshocton is a mid-Ohio city of approximately 11,000 people with a restored village located next to the former Ohio and Erie Canal. In response to a local committee’s concern about the city’s deteriorating urban forest, the local Pomerene Center for the Arts and its partners came up with a new concept: Root Ball parks. These consist of 19 trees that will be installed at four public high schools and in a downtown lot left after an iconic hotel burned down. What makes the trees special is that their root balls include beanbag seating—and can be transported to “pop up” in other parts of the community.

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