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Funds and Grants

The Coshocton Port Authority manages the following funds and grants:

Revolving Loan Fund

  • CPA has received their 4th USDA revolving loan fund 2011
  • CPA has issued 17 RLF’s to date. 10 are still active
  • CPA is actively promoting their RLF program and is looking for new recipients

Community Development Fund

  • CPA has awarded 3 community development funds to date
  • CPA is actively promoting the program and is looking for new recipients
  • As of the 3rd quarter of 2011, there is $60,000.00 CDF’s available

City Job Creation Grant

  • CPA manages and is actively promoting this grant

Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant

  • Energy conservation is a key strategy in achieving the goals of Coshocton County’s sustainability initiative
  • The CPA is the administrator for the ARRA grant for Coshocton County
  • The total amount for the project is $663,300
  • Projected energy savings is $35,000 to $50,000 per year

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